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How to Stay Ahead from Scammers

What’s in there ?

  • 7 Scams Exposed
  • 12 Red Flags
  • 10 Golden rules for protection

Introduction to Investing

What’s in there ?

  • Simple definitions
  • What to know before starting
  • 8 ways to invest with pros and cons
  • 4 strategies to limit risks

6-Steps Guide to Negotiate your Salary

What’s in there ?

  • Step by step guide of the actions you need to take
  • Example sentences you can use with the employer for each step
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

Monthly Budgeting Template

What’s in there ?

  • Spreadsheet compatible with Google Spreadsheet or Microsoft Excel
  • Graphs that help you visualize your progress
  • Categories and amounts that just need to be overwritten

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